Legal counsel

The lawyer provides services:
1. Arbitration process:
- legal entity bankruptcy support;
- conduct of cases in arbitration courts;
- preparation of claims under civil law contracts.
- debt collection, etc.
2. A personal bankruptcy (bankruptcy of citizens):
- advising on the bankruptcy of individuals;
- preparation of an application for recognition of a citizen bankrupt;
- legal assistance in choosing a self-regulatory organization of arbitration managers (SRO), of whose members a financial Manager will be appointed to conduct the bankruptcy proceedings of a citizen;
- legal support of the whole procedure of bankruptcy of the debtor, protection of interests of the citizen in courts and other state bodies, etc.
3. Family law:
- division of marital property;
- disputes on alimony, etc.
4. Labour law:
- illegal dismissal;
- restoration at work, collection of debt on wages, etc.
5. Housing right:
- housing and apartment disputes of any category;
- verification of the transaction for legal purity;
- solution of legal problems of equity participation in construction;
- preparation of contracts of sale, exchange, donation, pledge of real estate, etc.
6. Land law:
- legal assistance and support in land purchase and sale transactions;
- reduction of cadastral value of land plots and objects 
- preparation of all types of contracts;
- registration of unauthorized buildings, etc.
7. Consumer protection:
- collection of funds for the sold defective goods or services;
- compensation for moral damage, etc.
8. Enforcement proceedings (service of bailiffs):
- filing of the writ of execution in the Federal bailiff service, claims and statements;
- preparation and submission of administrative claims for recognition 
inaction of bailiffs illegal;
- litigation on the recognition of inactivity of judicial police officer is illegal.
9. Preparation of reviews of theses and master's theses in legal specialties.

The Lawyer Of Samara Vyacheslav Anatolievich

PhD in law
Tel: +7 – 961-166-33-33
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Samara Vyacheslav Anatolievich has been practicing law since 2000 as a member of the Belgorod regional bar Association. In 2004 opened a "Law office Samara B. A.", where he presently works. The lawyer Samara provides legal services and specializes in the field of arbitration, economic disputes, bankruptcy of enterprises.
The priority direction of the professional activity of the lawyer is to provide qualified legal assistance in all matters relating to arbitration and commercial disputes not only in the Belgorod region, but also in other regions of the Russian Federation. Basic skills and personal qualities-achieves the goal; - competently conducts business negotiations; - enjoys the location and trust of customers; - sociable; - is able to actively and professionally defend, defend its position in court; - thoroughly studies the situation and objectively predicts various options for its development; - competently, correctly and creatively makes all the necessary documents for the task, business, scientific and professional language; - has the ability to think progressively and modernly, which is important in daily practice of law.
Facts and figures: 
Lawyer Samara provides professional legal services on the basis of the Federal law "on advocacy and advocacy of the Russian Federation", as well as the Code of professional ethics of the lawyer. Information about the lawyer Samara V. the register of lawyers of the Belgorod region for number 31/281 of December 15, 2002, the certificate of the lawyer No. 274.
During the time of the legal practice of the lawyer V. Samara, excellent results have been achieved, satisfying the interests of clients - more than two hundred won cases.

Финансовая пирамида «КЭШБЭРИ».

Консультация юриста. Гражданский адвокат.

Центральный Банк России увидел в работе финансовой группы «Кэшбери» признаки финансовой пирамиды. Необходимая информация уже собрана и поступила в Генпрокуратуру и МВД.
Как заявил журналистам глава департамента противодействия недобросовестным практикам ЦБ Лях Валерий: 
«Мы видим в их деятельности явные признаки классической финансовой пирамиды. Компании группы "Кэшбери" строят свою деятельность на принципах сетевого маркетинга, обещают завышенную доходность, ведут агрессивную рекламу в СМИ и социальных сетях», цитата ТАСС.
 Валерий Лях отметил, что «деньги привлекаются и в рублях, и в криптовалюте, но при этом признаки реальной экономической деятельности отсутствуют, лицензии ЦБ РФ у компаний, которые предлагают финансовые услуги, нет».
Группа «Кэшбери» привлекла в свой круг уже огромное количество человек, она развернула свою деятельность уже по всей стране.
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или звоните по телефонам 8-961-166-33-33, 8-958-566-92-91.

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