Legal counsel

The lawyer provides services:
1. Arbitration process:
- legal entity bankruptcy support;
- conduct of cases in arbitration courts;
- preparation of claims under civil law contracts.
- debt collection, etc.
2. A personal bankruptcy (bankruptcy of citizens):
- advising on the bankruptcy of individuals;
- preparation of an application for recognition of a citizen bankrupt;
- legal assistance in choosing a self-regulatory organization of arbitration managers (SRO), of whose members a financial Manager will be appointed to conduct the bankruptcy proceedings of a citizen;
- legal support of the whole procedure of bankruptcy of the debtor, protection of interests of the citizen in courts and other state bodies, etc.
3. Family law:
- division of marital property;
- disputes on alimony, etc.
4. Labour law:
- illegal dismissal;
- restoration at work, collection of debt on wages, etc.
5. Housing right:
- housing and apartment disputes of any category;
- verification of the transaction for legal purity;
- solution of legal problems of equity participation in construction;
- preparation of contracts of sale, exchange, donation, pledge of real estate, etc.
6. Land law:
- legal assistance and support in land purchase and sale transactions;
- reduction of cadastral value of land plots and objects 
- preparation of all types of contracts;
- registration of unauthorized buildings, etc.
7. Consumer protection:
- collection of funds for the sold defective goods or services;
- compensation for moral damage, etc.
8. Enforcement proceedings (service of bailiffs):
- filing of the writ of execution in the Federal bailiff service, claims and statements;
- preparation and submission of administrative claims for recognition 
inaction of bailiffs illegal;
- litigation on the recognition of inactivity of judicial police officer is illegal.
9. Preparation of reviews of theses and master's theses in legal specialties.

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